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As a dive watch 100 meters of water resistance might not sounds like all that much, but it is actually more than enough for most divers. What I like is that in this case 100 meters of water resistance actually means "100 meters," and not some other number. Most of you know what I am talking about, but there is of course an issue with watches being labeled "100 meters water resistant" when all you can do is light swimming with them. So what I like is that the depth rating and depth gauge represent what people actually do. There isn't a depth gauge for 1000 meters where people would be long since dead going down that deep.

JK: I don't sell a lot in the store. Most of the buying and selling I do is through the collector community that I know. But when people come here, usually we'll sit down, we'll talk.

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Searching far and wide, Jonathan has made it his personal mission to source watches from small scale, independent companies. The likes of which are still operating using age old techniques and methods of manufacture to create well-designed, beautifully made, and often very rare watches.

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In conclusion, the modern smartwatch has overcome most of its haunting shortcomings by offering relatively high resolution, colorful and touch-sensitive screens and more than ample processing power. And yet, one issue stubbornly remains: battery life. There is only so much charge such a small pack of battery can hold at the moment, and so it is low-energy-consumption Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, organic LED screens, smarter processors, and other technological breakthroughs which we must rely on to get more usage time out of these new devices. The LG G Watch R smartwatch comprises just about all of these high-tech features and so it promises to be a very capable contender among smartwatches. LG chose not to disclose any pricing just yet as the LG G Watch R smartwatch will be available a bit later on, sometime in early Q4 of this year in all major markets. lg.com

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Casio is often known for offering atomic clock radio signal controlled timepieces that are able to receive a signal from the six atomic clocks around the world to update their time and be as accurate as possible. However, not all places on earth have access to such atomic clock radio signals. The addition of true GPS technology (co-developed with Sony) adds the ability for these movements to locate your position with 0.3 miles and not only update your location and time zone, but also to ensure your watch is accurate to the exact second. According to Casio, the system is as accurate as those GPS systems used in your car or phone. Seiko and Citizen both have Satellite controlled or GPS watch offerings, but arguably, Casio's new models are the most full-featured to date.

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To a degree, much of this is common sense. Would you wear expensive dress shoes hiking? Probably not. Is a tuxedo the best outfit for going swimming? No. Consumers should understand that the theme/style of their watch helps define how they are meant to be worn. Dress watches are not for sport, but are all sport watch created equally? Unfortunately not.

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SalonQP 2014: An Ever-Personal Encounter With The World Of Horology Shows & Events
The 6PM start of the first day did allow a quick hike in the Hyde park – on the wrist is the Citizen Signature Series Grand Touring Sport.

Casio's decision to stand behind analog as the face of high-end quartz is a business decision motivated by the fact that most high-end watches sold have analog dials. When digital watches were new over 30 years ago it was cool to have a digital dial, but only for a fleeting moment until the mid 1980s or so, when digital watches became the face of the casual sport watch.

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There is enough art elsewhere. The people, the places, the watches. Miami is a great city to be voyeur, and probably a better city to be a participant if you are well-connected or wealthy enough. If I thought LA was status-conscious with its ubiquitous mansions and Maseratis - Miami adds to that the presence of mega-yachts (which just happen to be "parked" in a line like automobiles outside the hotel in a canal). When you wonder why Hublot makes so many limited editions for so many reasons, just think of these buyers and how the concept of exclusivity is a valued commodity. With buyers in town to purchase art and "art," the Hublot Big Bang Mr. Brainwash begins to make a serious case for itself. There is still a pretty cool watch underneath it all. Our Max sums it up nicely:

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Tech Specs from Patek Philippe:

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You can see that previous article for more information, but in a nutshell, rather than work with outside partners, Porsche Design will be doing watch production themselves. Apparently, that also means in-house movement production in the future, but we aren't there yet. For now, Porsche Design has released two new timepieces (essentially the same watch with different case finishes, but with two different names) that are the Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1 and the Porsche Design Chronograph Titanium Limited Edition. Nice watches, but the names are a bit bland.

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He goes the extra mile to make sure that readers of all kinds – from the serious collector to the novice enthusiast – understands the countless complex issues which are discussed in the book. There are just so many things to be told here: from Kari's unique personality through the unique economical, philosophical and historical position of independent watchmakers to fine technical details... all of which need to be told in detail, without sounding superficial or boring.

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Bugatti's test driver, the affable Andy Wallace, took me out of the parking lot and down the main way to Carmel Valley Road, all the while explaining features and sharing development notes from the many versions of the Bugatti Veyron and how they affected the configuration of this Grand Sport Vitesse. He explained that the active aerodynamics and ride height of the car change with speed, braking, and whether or not you've opted to remove the roof (which limits the top speed to a barely-acceptable 229 mph).

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The sawfish on the back of the Mühle Glashütte Kampfschwimmer.

Looking for pre-owned watches can be an excellent way to get the watch you want for less money, and often in a condition you can live with. Of course, you won't be buying a brand new watch, and it won't come with that new watch factory warranty, but in many respects, you are getting much of the same experience.

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Citizen is careful not to strictly called the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100 a "GPS watch" because it cannot actually tell you where you are. I believe the implication they are attempting to avoid is the notion that the watch can use GPS satellites to tell you where you are. This would not be true. What is true is that the watch is able to receive signals from global positioning satellites in order to update the time of the watch. Having said that, some of Citizen's competitors can use the GPS signals in a limited manner to tell you where you are. While none of the watches will pinpoint your exactly location using GPS data, others (such as the Seiko Astron - reviewed here) will update your time as well as your time zone location. I believe the Casio GPS watches will do the same. So in some senses, those other products are "GPS watches" while the Citizen Satellite Wave F100 is "GPS-controlled."

From a design perspective, the H. Moser & Cie Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time very much fits into the larger H. Moser & Cie collection when it comes to aesthetics and simplicity. Looking deeper, you see 1960s watch design as well as Bauhaus influence. In many ways, the design DNA of H. Moser & Cie is one very successful way of marrying modern and traditional aesthetic considerations together.