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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster X-Lume Watch

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster X-Lume Watch

Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts Watch Releases

I've said this before, but I am really amazed at how the entire Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 182 tourbillon movement fits in to the 45mm wide by 15mm tall case. I mean the movement has over 1300 parts! Each hand decorated and finished. This watch must take forever to manufacture and test. The case is in 18k white gold, which I don't totally understand. I mean at this price why not just go platinum? I mean it looks really similar to white gold. Hell, there is even platinum in white gold. I really don't know why, but there are two possible explanations in my mind. First, it might have just weighed too much in platinum. Second, the platinum case might have negatively affected the sonnerie functions of the watch. The heavy dense platinum might have worked to dull the sounds of the chimes too much. It is a guess, but it seems plausible.

Like I said, my argument was constructed for all types of people to understand. If you read the comments after the articles, some people got irked that my articles didn't delve deep into some of the more technical or historical aspects of the argument. I appreciate their sentiments, but they need to realize that the article was intended to appeal to people who didn't know or care about what was inside of a watch movement. It was enough to say that it was a "good watch movement." So check  it out, along with the counter argument and see what you think.

Linde Werdelin "The Lab" Watch Maker Blog Exemplar Watch Industry News

The Hebraika watches are able to take into consideration the complex leap years and months with different lengths. The image you see of the rear of the watch has a year indicator - it is right over the gold rotor for the automatic movement. There are 40 years on the disc, and another 40 years are displayed on a second disc that supposedly came with the watches. 80 years later, you'll have to get new discs made. Sorry! Did you notice that the crown on one of the watches is made to look like the Star of David? For me, these are just one more reason to be impressed with Alain Silberstein and his watches - from a design, creative, and technical standpoint.

Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Linear Time Watch Watch Releases

Functions retain Casio "triple sensor" family that has the compass, pressure sensor (barometer and altimeter), and thermometer. These are all easy to use and handy features. There is also the computer which does a tons of things like having the world time, calendar, alarms, countdown timer, chronograph, and other functions. The PAW-1500 has a tide chart and moon phase, not sure if this model has those features. It does however feature the sunrise and sunset time. This is good for all sorts of people including fishermen or hunters, and of course vampire hunters! Not to mention the rest of you who will appreciate this data that takes into consideration your timezone and the time of year. Realize that the PAW-2000 does not seek to put the PAW-1500 out of business, but rather will offer a slightly different feature set depending on what you need.

Aside from the 280 grams of bronze used for the case, the rusted metal cross on the dial is made from a blend of steel that include the "Titanic DNA," or otherwise a little bit of metal actually collected from the Titanic, as is the case with all Titanic DNA watches. I don't know whether this unique watch is for sale, but perhaps there will be a wealthy and appreciative buyer out there. I'd love to see them wear it though. "Sir, there appears to be something wrong with your watch." Perhaps his response would  be how the observed was not able to appreciate the Dali-esque form of his "wrist watch art." How dare they degrade creativity! So there you have it, an unique artistic creation from Chéca or a big screwed-up piece of metal that looks like it used to be a watch - also by Chéca.

Archimede was able to get a few of these these movements, not sure how many though. The TOP movements also have Glucydur balance wheels, Nivarox mainsprings and hairsprings, and an Incabloc shock protection system. The movement is more accurate than the more basic versions, and has a longer power reserve of 50 hours. I mention this to show you how it is a bit more than a mere cosmetic upgrade. The rest of the specs should be the same as the standard Archimede Pilot XLH ("H" stands for handwinding). There aren't many of them, and the price is ,070 each.

Server Migration Phase 2: Down For A Bit

Server Migration Phase 2: Down For A Bit

Casio Baby-G BG5602-9 Ladies' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Very simple. off any Phosphor e-Ink watch purchased direct from Phosphor, when you enter the special coupon code. The rules are that I can't publish the code, so you'll need to contact here and simply request the Phosphor e-ink discount code for your own personal use. The pictured Digital Hour Clock watch is just 0 after the discount.

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How Watch Makers Can Best Utilize iPhone And Other Mobile Apps Feature Articles

Gc Sport Class XL Watch Watch Releases

Select Mondaine Watches From JCK That I Liked Feature Articles

Free Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Giveaway Giveaways Luxury Items

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Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Review

Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Review

TX Watches Of Interest For 2009 At JCK Las Vegas Watch Releases

The iPhone app is not just an electronic catalog. Look at the most popular iPhone apps that people download. Guess what, they are either fun or useful... or both. You want something that people are going to use frequently, not just once. Nothing is worse for a brand than having a person enthusiastically download an application only to realize it is boring or pointless. So the message here is; think about what it will do, and it has to do something. Either this functionality is highly complex (which will require all sorts of systems aside from the application itself, or basic (a fun little tool that will take the power of a brand and imbue it into the user's phone). Complex functionality will require serious development. It should involve functions such as real-time inventory tracking (allowing a user to discover what models a nearby store has), checking out how functions work (virtual watches), or involve certain social networking functions (such as group voting on watch designs or wish lists that are accessible to the community.

Linde Werdelin's "The Lab" blog helps shed light on a lot of this. For example see the above image of their The Reef Sea Instrument frozen. Part of the many tests that these products go through before the careful watch (and here electronics) makers put products through before allowing them to get into your hands. A good blog like "The Lab" also displays model prototypes, triumphs, failures, and the innards of these secret luxury creations. What I really like is that the blog is said to be written by Morten Linde, the brand's co-founder. Thus, you get ideas and passion straight from the source.

Have you ever been interested in an IWC Portuguese watch but couldn't afford it, or didn't want to spend the money on it? For many people, this superb classic is the epitome of luxury and style, but sometimes it is too much luxury. There are actually not too many similar watches out there (especially when it comes to the non-chronograph versions). So it is a good thing that Jorg Gray thankfully steps in to this niche with the JG1060 line of watches. The  collection has a few varieties, and this pictured version is the Jorg Gray JG1060-20. For lovers of large watch out there who want something more classic in style - this is an ideal choice. The JG1060 watch is a massive 48mm wide! Really nice and big on your wrist. Other versions of the JG1060 range has different colors or slightly different dial designs - all IWC homages.

Specs direct from Casio:

The Sparta 1 Tesla features the same winding system as the Orbita Sparta 1 Mini that I reviewed here. But the style and packaging of the Tesla is more luxurious, as well as modular. While the Sparta 1 Mini was a smaller unit, the Sparta 1 Tesla is a bit larger and can be situated in either a portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) position. This means that by getting multiple Sparta 1 Tesla units you can stack them, or place them closely next to each other if you get more than one of them. This would be difficult to do with the Sparta 1 Mini - even though it is a smaller item. As such, the Sparta Tesla is sized at 7 inches tall, 5.2 inches deep, and 4 inches wide. It is substantial in weight at 2.7 pounds, but needs to be to prevent falling over and damaging your watch. By the way, the "1" part of the name refers to the fact that it winds one watch. Orbita places the number of watches any particular product is meant to winder in the name of the item.

See Pierre DeRoche watches on eBay here.

There will also be more apps available on more devices. Most phones aside from just the iPhone will have applications that can be wirelessly downloaded. This means that watch companies will need to make multiple applications for each phone operating system. Another important area is standardizing watch specifications. It is possible that third parties will create watch related applications and will utilize on standardized watch specifications to include those brands who adhere to them. Right now there are no standards for explaining the specifications of a watch, but I believe this is coming (and should already have been here).

What I like is how even though the watch ups the ante by just one complication over the last "most complicated watch," it doesn't just do the same things, plus just one more. It has its own character and style, and focuses on its own types of complications. Perhaps you will not agree that all the complications should be counted as such, but the end result is still a damn complex watch. Further, I give Jaeger-LeCoultre kudos for not taking a "shove everything into this watch" approach. There is a ton of other complications that could have been added (such a chronograph, equations or time, moonphase, more calendar functions, etc...) - but rather Jaeger-LeCoultre designers planned the watch out well focusing only on basic perpetual calendar functions (displayed in an attractive manner) and the complex chiming functions. In fact the sonnerie functionality of the watch is likely to be the most complex part of the watch, by far. The Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie is supposed to be the only sonnerie watch in the world to accomplish certain chiming tasks such and playing the entire Westminster chimes melody. This is apparently some holy grail of sonnerie watches, and the Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie watch has done it. Another world's first for Jaeger-LeCoultre. In addition to this melody as a chime, the watch features two others, as well as a silent mode. What does this mean? You know those Casio watches that beep at certain intervals? This watch does that same thing, but instead of a beep, you get a little song that is based on tiny hammers and gongs and a ridiculously complex ballet of gears and "magic" (seems like it!).

Dievas Vortex Diver Watch Watch Releases

Longio SG3824E Automatic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Inside the watch is the Tag Heuer Caliber 11 automatic movement that is an ETA automatic with a Dubois-Depraz chronograph module on top of it. You can see the movement lightly decorated through the sapphire caseback of the watch. Placing the crown on the left side of the case work because the automatic winding of the watch makes it so that you don't have to wind the watch. Attached to the watch will be a matching perforated alligator strap. They look quite cool with the dial.

[Ed. note] giving a watch a black color is very popular these days and a PVD application is a high quality way of doing so. It can be done to an existing watch, and can radically change the look without damaging it. Plus, PVD is hard to wear or damage off.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Sets Up Dedicated Site For Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie Watch, To Make Case For .5 Million Purchase

Jaeger-LeCoultre Sets Up Dedicated Site For Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie Watch, To Make Case For .5 Million Purchase