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The Nixie wearable drone is controlled by your phone and, interestingly enough, started out as a different type of wearable - something that you put on your face like glasses. I agree that putting it on your wrist as a wearable band makes a lot more sense. If Nixie wins the Intel Make It Wearable competition, they will get another 0,000 to make their product a reality... and perhaps people can then start working on flying timepieces.

The Sjöö Sandström Royal Capital Is The Latest Luxury Watch From Sweden

The Sjöö Sandström Royal Capital Is The Latest Luxury Watch From Sweden

Frankly, this is a clever way of introducing some complexity and interest to a watch without it becoming something that looks like modern art (there is a time and place for those, but they generally are not well suited for everyday wear). Of course, with customization (and the work for synchronizing the ages) on a limited edition piece like this with 88 pieces ever being made, you can be sure that we are firmly in luxury territory here. Should you opt for the steel model, pricing starts at ,710 (€75.000), while the 18k gold case will command a starting price of 2,491 (€97.000).

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ABTW: As a business, do you sponsor or participate in any local events, watch-related or otherwise?

Despite the beautiful decorations of the movement itself when judged through the sapphire case back, the complicated nature of the perpetual calendar remains hidden: as it almost always is the case, the module for the perpetual calendar's functions is located on the dial side of the movement, keeping this magnificent mechanism hidden away. In this case, it is covered by a blackened, solid silver dial with rhodium plated gold indices and a luminous minute track on its periphery.

The Mexican and South American watch aficionado is a curiously surprising entity, and it was, in fact, a pleasure to be around them. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Spanish-speaking watch lovers I encountered was their incredible interest in details and mechanics above things like status and brand. In Asia, for example, brand and lifestyle are often of paramount importance. Buyers often select a brand they wish to associate with first, and a model later. Brands are selected for what they represent in regard to success, good fortune, taste, lifestyle habits, and longevity. It is as though many (not all) Asian watch buyers seek status through what they surround themselves with, and that begins with the message a brand is able to deliver. In Mexico, branding isn't unimportant, but it isn't all that seems to drive the interest of timepiece fans. Mexico City's Watch Show: What The SIAR Is Like Shows & Events

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While the 45 millimeter wide case is still crafted from grade 2 titanium, new is the beautiful blue of the ceramic bezel, the green and blue rings on the periphery of the dial, as well as the green seconds hand. The reason for this Earth-themed color selection is that with this limited edition, Omega connects the X-33 with the Solar Impulse project, which they have been a part of since its earliest phases back in 2006.

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The Solar Impulse 2 airplane is as wide as a Boeing 747 but, even with its 12,000 solar panels onboard, weighs in at a featherweight 1.7 tons as opposed to over 550 tons of the Jumbo.

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Therein lies another clever bit of design - while the Unitas 6497-1 provides the basic movement, MeisterSinger developed a column wheel chronograph module (with the assistance of Jean Fillon) that operates via a single pusher which is integrated into the crown. Through that pusher, you have got the basic start, stop, and reset. All told, the MeisterSinger Paleograph is a 43mm chronograph that looks to be one of the stealthiest "chronos" I've seen in some time.

Speaking of independent watchmaking, this round-up also sees an interview with Vincent Perriard and Dominique Renaud of HYT watches, which specializes in hydromechanical timepieces – watches that use liquids to tell time. And we also speak to Laurent Piccioto, owner of the famous Chronopassion store in Paris, who is a great supporter of independent watchmaking.

ABTW:  What would you tell watch lovers in other cities that watch lovers in Los Angeles are like?

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Dominique will lead the brand’s Fine Watchmaking department and Special Projects, as well as build a team of HYT watchmakers capable of bringing future to fruition. HYT will continue to collaborate with its current two movement suppliers (for the more traditional liquid-less parts of the movement) Chronode and Renaud et Papi. Essentially, Dominique's role will be to ensure that HYT is able to continue innovating and coming up with new iterations of their proprietary hydro-mechanical movement. We can certainly look forward to other complications besides the trademark liquid retrograde hours.

"Rolex thinks that their watches are perfect," says George Bamford, founder of Bamford Watch Department. He pauses to consider his statement and then adds, "they probably are. But I still think there is a lot of room for Rolex watches to be more unique." In a simple way, this has been the defining ethos behind the highly successful Bamford Watch Department business, which the son of English construction magnate Sir Anthony Bamford started about 10 years ago, around 2003. In a nutshell, what Bamford does is purchase brand new Rolex watches and then modifies them with mostly advanced industrial case coatings and special dial treatments. These are then sold as parts of limited editions to Bamford watch customers, or produced as one-of-a-kind models for those who want the ultimate personalized Rolex experience. The Bamford Watch Department story is an interesting one and, after 10 years in business, remains almost as secretive as the Geneva-based Swiss watch maker George clearly adores.

Watch brands know that in many instances they have one major shot to impress retailers and the press alike when it comes to presenting new products. If the environment is not right, then the conservative luxury industry merely waits on presenting major new products, and instead relies on new products which are mostly “line extensions.” That translates into watches which are really just new colors and minor updates to existing models. Timepieces with new movements, completely new collections, and more interesting models in many cases were excluded from those novelties officially presented at the “Salon.” What aBlogtoWatch’s team kept hearing over and over again was “we have a really major announcement later in the year.”

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Love luxury watches but can't afford them? Feeling slighted that all the cool timepieces you seem to be interested in are out of your budget? Frustrated when people with more money and less taste than you get to enjoy the finer watches in life? You aren't alone. One of the most difficult parts of being a watch guy (or woman) for many people is reconciling with the fact that a lot of the products you want to buy are more expensive than you can afford. This is tough to deal with, and we can't pretend that we can teach you secret ways to own your favorite high-end watches without having to pay for them.

Shreve, Crump & Low: Boston watch enthusiasts are not terribly different that those in other cities. Boston is an international city, so our clientele is well-educated, well-traveled and articulate. Most watch lovers in Boston work as professors at one of the many prestigious universities or in the vastly growing technological field in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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aBlogtoWatch: I find a lot of people with a technical background like you gravitate towards Omega's technological innovations, which are manifold and continue to break ground.

According to Dominique Renaud, there are three distinct phases in the world of watchmaking: first came mechanical watches over 500 years ago, then came the quartz era a few decades ago. Now he believes, the future lies in hydro-mechanical horology. In his eyes, the concept goes far beyond just a novel method of displaying the hours. Keeping in mind that HYT has a 5-year R&D program, you can bet on the fact that HYT won't be just a one-hit-wonder (no pun intended).

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Available in either brushed or PVD black coated steel, the new Formula 1 watches take a new step in design compared the outgoing generation's models. The case is now tonneau-shaped and the dial looks very little like the last few generation Formula 1 models. TAG Heuer's historic Autavia models had similar case shapes, and I suppose one could suggest that TAG Heuer designed the new Formula 1 in its honor.

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3. 10 Things To Know About How Rolex Makes Watches

You have probably seen photos of Laurent Picciotto and may have wondered who that "wild and crazy guy" was. His passion for life comes through in everything he does, including his company Chronopassion in Paris. In his words, it started like this:

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